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Here at Lazy Creek Discount Pet Supplies & Grooming in Columbia, SC, we understand your desire to keep your dog happy and healthy. Part of a dog's well being is maintaining a beautiful coat. There are many reasons a dog may need to be groomed including changes in the weather, making your pet more comfortable, or saving your furniture and clothing from pet hair. Our expert dog groomers are happy to take care of your furry companion. We promise your pet will enjoy his or her day at the spa and leave looking and smelling better!

Regular bathing, brushing, ear-cleaning and nail-trimming are just a few of the services that we offer. Their day at the spa will topped off with a bow or bandana that will surely make their tail wag. There are many benefits to keeping your dog groomed. Learn more about the importance of keeping up with regular dog grooming!

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Dog Grooming Columbia, SC

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Keeping your dog’s nails trimmed is key!
One of the most important parts of dog grooming is nail trimming. A dog whose nails get too long can run into all sorts of problems, so it is important to keep the nails short. Long nails can lead to pain and damage to the dog, people and homes.

If a dog’s nails are too long, it is more likely to get caught on something that can break the nail or rip it off completely. Long nails can also cause your pet to develop an irregular stride or stance, which can lead to more serious hip, back and joint problems. As dog’s nails grow, they curl and can eventually curl under the feet and dig into the pads of the feet.

By keeping your pet’s nails short, they are also less likely to accidentally scratch people, furniture and floors.

Professional groomers can help avoid these issues and make trimming your dog’s nails easier in the future. Regular trimming helps keep the quick (the blood supply to the nail) from extending too far into the nail. If the quick gets longer, it can lead to pain for the dog when cut, making it more difficult, messy and painful to trim the nail.

Our pet spa is open 5 days a week at our Lexington store for all of your grooming needs. We are available Tuesday through Saturday. Call us today to set up an appointment!

Benefits Of Our Grooming Services

They say that a dog is man's best friend. If you spend even a few moments with a dog, you will quickly find that most of the time you can earn their trust right away.  We often rely on our dogs so much when we are feeling down or want someone to hang out with while we are at home! You owe it to your dog to keep them well groomed. There are many benefits to getting your dog groomed. 

Fur Knots

If you have ever had a knot in your hair, you understand how annoying and frustrating it can be. For you, it is a simple solution as all you have to do is grab a brush and work the knot out. Now imagine that you have knots of hair all over your body, only this time you cannot reach the knotted area with your brush. Let's say you cannot even pick up the brush to work at getting rid of the knot. This is how a dog feels if you allow he or she to go too long without grooming and the fur gets clumped and knotted up.

Bumps & Lumps

That's not all!  Dogs also do not have a way of communicating to you if they feel a suspicious bump under their skin. You may notice your dog pay extra attention to it, but if it is in a bad spot, there is not much your little friend can do. If you bring your dog in for dog grooming, they will have a better chance of having any mysterious bumps spotted.  This is not a guarantee to help prevent any kind of illness to your dog, but it sure can come in handy. This goes for other instances such as flies.  As we closely attend your pet, we will be able to notice if there is an unwelcome pest trying to make your dog its home!

A More Relaxed Pet

There are also psychological benefits for your dog when you bring him or her in for dog grooming! For older dogs who have been groomed in the past, it can feel relaxing. Your dog may actually grow to love being groomed.  Not only will your dog come back looking refreshed, it will come home feeling refreshed and clean.  

A Benefit For You

Let's face it, having a dog is a wonderful thing, but sometimes this can mean having a smelly home and furniture after your dog spends some time inside.  This may even mean a smelly hand after you pet a dog. Nobody wants to have a smelly hand after petting a dog! With our professional dog grooming services, your dog is going to not only look great, but it will smell great!

A Benefit For Anyone Who Contacts Your Dog

It is pretty easy to spot a dog owner. Just look for traces of dog hair on their clothing. This may not sound like a problem for you until you come in contact with that dog. In fact, you may become a victim of dog hair without actually being around the dog, and picking dog hair off your clothes is not a fun task.  But this is where proper grooming comes in handy as properly brushed coats of fur will shed less and be healthier. Which is good for...basically everyone!

Healthy Posture & Footing

As we said before, dogs don't have much of an ability to properly care for themselves when it comes to grooming.  If their nails are not trimmed, there is only so much they can do. But we can help!  We will make sure your dog's nails are trimmed properly to give them better foot posture and structure. We also want to help reduce the risk of infection!  Your pets' health and well-being are a huge priority for us!
Dog Grooming Includes:
Nails Trimmed
Ears Plucked and Cleaned
Anal Glands
Bows or Bandana
Bath/Trim Includes:
Bath and Hair Trimmed
Nails trimmed
Ears Cleaned
Anal Glands
Bow or Bandana
Sanitary Cut

Local Pet Grooming Services

We are your local pet grooming service for the Lexington & Columbia, SC areas.  We love all the pets in our area and want to make sure they have a chance to be well groomed, feeling great, and being happy.  Not only will your pet come out looking better than ever, but we make sure they are completely comfortable while we work.

Give us a call today or stop by our stores. Don't forget while you are here to pick up any food and supplies needed for your pets. We also have toys, dog beds, crates, grain free dog food, and other pet supplies. We look forward to meeting you and your pet! See you soon!

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